Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?


Before our first meeting, there are three easy steps. First, we chose a day and time that works for you and schedule your first session. Second, if you have insurance, I will contact it to find out how much it will pay for your session. Third, you complete an Intake Form. When these three steps are complete, we are ready for our first session together.

Our first session consists of me learning about you, the issue that is causing you discomfort, and our expectations for future therapy sessions. If you decide to schedule another session with me, we will do that at the end of your first session. 

The duration of therapy is different for each person. Some people only want a few sessions for guidance through a problem. Some people want long-term therapy to help stay centered. Every person is different and the choice to schedule another session is always yours.


Fees & Payment Options

Each session is between 45 and 60 minutes long and costs from $125 to $150. I accept cash, checks, HSA cards and credit cards.


Yes, I will happily bill any PPO insurance policy for you. I am an in-network provider with Foundation for Medical Care for Tulare and Kings County. 

Cancellation Fees


There is a $100 fee for cancelling a session without 24 hour notice.

Privacy Policy


Your privacy is important. All communication between us is kept completely confidential except in situations where, by law, we have no choice but to notify a third party. Otherwise, I will never disclose your information without your consent.

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